Xueqing Yin is recently featured in the exhibition CONFLICT at SVA Flatiron Gallery. The exhibition will run through June 15th now. 


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My Series ‘Circle’(Yuan) is a direct response to the child abuse phenomenon of Red Yellow Blue kindergarten in Beijing DEC 2017.


The title of the work ‘Circle’ stands for  layers of indication. Firstly, the pronunciation of circle in Chinese ‘Yuan’ shares the exactly same pronunciation with the last word of the phrase Kindergarten. Also, the shape of the circle used as a place to allow the tragedy happen. Lastly, these circles are imitation of telescope, which the teacher used to threaten the kids “I’ve got a long, long telescope that can see right into your home, and I’ll know just what you’ve been saying and doing…”

Overall, this work created a similar story in a setup circle. It doesn’t tend to be only a criticize or blame after the news but through the work the artist wanted to remind people how this happened. There are lots of similar tragedies happened all over the world every day. People talked about them and forgot them. For this work the audience in the center of the phenomenon: it’s not over, it’s happening. With the medical gloves and injector came close and ruined a little flower, the artist used her own hands to help these 'dirty hands' have access to reach children in darkness.

Due to a Chinese featured tradition of blocking ‘negative’ news from public as usual, when creating these images the artist thought the RYB kindergarten phenomenon would  go to the same lonely discourse like other severe social phenomenon, it’s a place of another set of rules in a closed square. People can’t see through it maybe it’s black or dark. Something never exists in future public common memories, which is called a ‘system’.