Dream One



' Time: I was always taking pictures , even in my dreams.

Flash: I didn't  know it's these pictures made up my memories or my memories made up these pictures.  '





'One day I woke up to see a golden sun hide behind crystal shadow of moving clouds.

The whole world was sinking deeply into a mass piece of silence.'





' Following the sound of distant waves, I met a group of girls in all white with cherry red hair band.

I stopped at the moment when they turned round and smiled at my direction.

Then they walked away, I watched them walk away. '





' This place was surround by water, I saw people here enjoy flowing with water, jumping into water, floating above water...

Suddenly I missed my mom, I couldn’t help thinking If she were here... '





' So many “I”, maybe not many.

So many people, maybe too many. '





' I cannot tell what sentiment haunted these moments, I heard someone whisper “abstract”.   

 Am I abstract? '





' Another long shot on the train, like I was rolling films  for “Days of Being Wild”, where I was told there was some kind of birds born without feet.

They fly all their lives, sleep in the wind.  And I didn’t believe that.

Solely human sleep in the wind. '





' I was trapped in myself, I am sorry.

I only truly apologize to my mom. '

try11 2.jpg





' I cried at a nightfall again like in reality after seeing hundreds of nightfalls by the sea, I guess I missed my tears or ‘home’. 

What do people put into the word “home”? I have nothing to put into for now, so I put myself at the center.

I am my ‘home’. '