Xueqing Yin

nan's Diary

2008 date unknown

‘ I don’t have a father. My mom is a mushroom. We lived together for many years. She grew up by water. Sometimes she drank my tears if there was no rain.

On a humid spring morning, I found her height almost reached 9 inch. I ate her while she was still sleeping. Because she had often told me mushrooms over 9 inch cannot be delicious any more. I wanted her to stay in her best time.

She was so tasty, soft and fresh like newly born grass. The moment of my very first bite I was full of love immediately. However, soon after that my eyes  have gradually losing their focus. Maybe I cried too much. I’m always crying.

In the past, I cried for my unfulfilled desire for needing something. Yet after having her in my body, It seems that my desire was totally fulfilled. Why I felt even more painful? I don’t know the answer.

One night, I went back to the alley I ate my mom. There was a pair of brand new Chanel sunglasses on the ground. I knew it should be her last gift to me , so I tried it on.

Moonlight, very dim but clear moonlight came to gently kiss my eyes. ’